10+ Morning Hacks to Get Your Day Off to a Good Start

Cracking an egg in your morning coffee or adding a pinch of salt to it is actually just a couple of the many simple ways to help you get on your feet easier in the morning. Aside from being extremely tasty — since it takes away any of the bitterness — an egg in your coffee is also extremely helpful to start your day strong and full of energy.

we made a list of things that are able to make every last one of us a morning person. Just give it a go.

1. Add salt to your coffee.

If you’ve seen people adding salt instead of sugar to their morning coffee, it’s because it actually improves its flavor. It stirs away any bitterness and instead of milk or sugar, it doesn’t load you up with a dozen morning calories. Don’t overdo it though, a small pinch is enough to attain the perfect taste.

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